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Thank you guys!! You really make a difference to us!

“I would sincerely like to thank the emergency response team that came to our home in the early hours of New Year’s. My MIL had fallen out of bed and hit her head and hip (ended up with fractured pelvis) and they were there within 4 minutes of my call! It felt like forever at the time, but emergencies are like that. The gentlemen who arrived onsite- paramedics and firemen; were quick and very concerned for our fragile, elderly Mom. They were efficient and caring and got Mom some meds, loaded up and taken to the ER. It was a bad time for a senior to be in hospital, with the COVID lockdowns going on, but we so appreciate the care they took with her and the really fast response time!
You’ll be glad to know, Mom has mostly healed from the fracture and had no concussion. She’s doing all right now, thanks to you.
Thank you guys!! You really make a difference to us!”