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THANK YOU: A Diverse Group of Organizations Came Together

On Wednesday morning, crews from a very diverse group of organizations came together on Valencia Road west of Camino de la Tierra and performed a coordinated rescue operation exactly the way the reports and textbooks tell us it should occur. Everyone worked as a team without regard to their employer or specialty. I was honored to have the opportunity to watch and at times participate in the event. Unfortunately, one person did not survive the collision but there were no injuries reported beyond those of the three drivers and under the circumstances that is remarkable.

I want all of the Chiefs, Officers and Firefighters, Dispatchers, and Sheriff’s Deputies along with the employees of Barnett’s Towing, to know how much I appreciate all that was done on the accident scene. We do not train as much as we should in a coordinated fashion, but everyone came together yesterday and did an outstanding job.

Thank you for everything. Please pass this along to those involved – they are special people who performed at an exceptional level of effectiveness. Know that DHFD stands ready to respond when needed.

Stay safe, stay well…..

 D. Chappell
Douglas Chappell, MPA, CFO
District Administrator / Fire Chief

Bus Crash1
Bus Crash2