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Smoke Alarms/Detectors

Smoke alarms make a loud noise if they sense smoke or fire.

Have smoke alarms in all of these places:

  • On every level of your home, including the basement.
  • Directly outside of each sleeping area.

Test smoke alarms every month.

  • You can ask a family member, home care assistant, or case worker to test the alarms for you. Push the test button on the alarm; if it does not make a loud noise, the alarm needs new batteries or needs to be replaced.
  • Never disable your smoke alarm by unhooking it or removing the battery. If your smoke alarm starts “chirping,” the battery is running low and should be replaced.

Think about how to get out of your home in case of fire.

  • Plan your escape around your abilities. If possible, identify two ways out of every room. Keep a phone and emergency numbers to call for help near your bed or sleeping area.
  • If a fire starts, get out and stay out.
  • If you cannot get out, get as low to the ground as you can so that you don’t breathe in smoke. Smoke can be deadly.
  • • If you live with others, plan a safe place to meet outside after escaping.