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Lock Box Program

When a medical emergency strikes, help is only a call away. However, for those individuals who live alone or who may have special mobility issues, what happens when they can’t get to the door to let in the fire department personnel. Unfortunately, we have to make entry by breaking the door/ jamb assembly, which in turn is costly to the owner in which we are trying to help. The enhanced Knox Box Residential Program elevates this problem and is ideal for individuals:

  • With a history of medical problems
  • Recuperating from a recent hospital stay
  • Living alone
  • Utilizing an electronic calling/medical alert service
  • Seasonal residents
  • Family member concerned of a love one who they are taking care of

The Knox Box is keyed ONLY for the Drexel Heights Fire District’s use. No other agency or law enforcement can gain access into the Knox Box without the proper key. Every key we have is accountable and secured. In almost all cases when the fire department is responding to a 911 call, Pima County Sheriff’s Department Deputies are responding as well.

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