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Open Burn Permits

The Drexel Heights Fire District, Pima County, and the residents of the Fire District are all concerned about fire safety and the safety of our community.

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality (PDEQ) has developed a permit process for all Open Burning in Pima County.  In an effort to make the applications more readily available, the Drexel Heights Fire District has obtained copies and is making them available to the public. The Fire District cannot issue permits but we are able to distribute the application forms to make it easier for our residents to obtain them.

If you are interested in conducting Open Burning, you must complete the application form and submit the form and the applicable fees described on the back of the form to the following location either in person or by mail to:
Pima County Department of Environmental Quality Air Program
33 N. Stone Avenue, Suite 700
Tucson, AZ 85701

Once the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality received the application and applicable fees, that office will review the application prior to the issuing of permits. If you are unclear of the format or have any questions, you should contact their office directly at (520) 724-7400.  Additional information is also available at their web site;

The Drexel Heights Fire District is not able to interpret the County or State Regulations and we are unable to address concerns. All of those issues must be handled by Pima County Department of Environmental Quality at 724-7400, Monday thru Friday during normal business hours.