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Senior Safety Academy

For older adults 55 and older and for residents and friends of the Drexel Heights Fire District!

The academy meets for two sessions and each session is 4 hours.

To start the program off, participants will take a tour of a station.  Currently - Due to COVID there will not be Station Tours.

Participants will learn about the services DHFD has been providing since 1954.

Throughout the program, participants will also learn the latest in fire safety techniques (including using a fire extinguisher), fall prevention and balance assessments and community programs available to seniors. The program will conclude with a graduation ceremony!

Drexel Heights Training Classroom at the Prince Administration Center, located at 5950 S. Cardinal.

Sessions are offered in the winter months, typically in January and February.


  • Meet the local emergency responders.
  • Learn safety information specifically related to seniors.
  • Receive FREE safety supplies.
Senior Safety Academy 1
Senior Safety Academy 2

HOW TO REGISTER - There are two ways to register.  Pick which ever one is easier.
There is limited space in each session, so register soon!
There is NO fee to participate in this program.
For more program information, call us (520) 571-8700.

Download and complete the  Senior Safety Academy Registration and then email the complete document to


Complete the form below and hit submit!


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Senior Safety Academy

5950 S. Cardinal Ave, Tucson, AZ 85746
***Program held at DHFD Prince Administration ***

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The academy meets for two sessions and each session is four hours. To start the program off, participants learn about the services DHFD has been providing for over 55 years. In the other class you’ll learn fire safety techniques (including using a fire extinguisher), fall prevention with Matter of Balance, information and community programs available to seniors. The program will conclude with a graduation ceremony.
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DHFD Hold Harmless Agreement
DHFD Hold Harmless Agreement As consideration for the opportunity to participate in the Academy, the Participant agrees to protect, hold harmless and indemnify the Drexel Heights Fire District, Pima Council on Aging, and Pima County, officers, agents, their employees and their volunteers, against all liabilities, claims, suits or demands for Injuries to person and/or property arising out of his/her participation in all of the events and activities of the Academy. Participant assumes all risks of injury. I understand and agree with the Hold Harmless Agreement.
DHFD Image Release Form
Drexel Heights Fire District provides education and information to the community concerning fire and life safety issues. In providing these services, it is often beneficial to utilize actual photographs, video tapes, or work pertaining to emergency incidents, services, or programs. Completion of this form will allow Drexel Heights Fire District to utilize photographs, videos, and original work in either print materials, public service announcements, public presentations, public displays, or on the department’s website. I hereby grant permission to be photographed and/or videotaped while participating in Drexel Heights Fire District activities and/or to have any such work incorporating my image or original work I produce in conjunction with the activity published in association with Drexel Heights Fire District’s promotional and/or educational activities. I waive any right to compensation for such photographs, videotapes, images, and/or original work for the use or publication thereof.