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Category: Tips to Stay Safe

December Holiday Safety

December conjures images of Christmas filled with traditions: Christmas trees, favorite

holiday decorations, stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle, and a fire burning in the fireplace. While we prepare our homes for these joyous occasions, we must also pay attention to some basic safety recommendations to prevent your holiday being interrupted by a fire in your home. Please take a moment to review some of these basic safety recommendations that will allow you to enjoy this season to the fullest.

Thanksgiving Safety – Cooking Fires, Child and Pet Safety

Home Cooking Fires was the topic of our October safety article, highlighting Fire Prevention Week. Why then does Thanksgiving get singled out specifically, as a topic in November? Thanksgiving has three times the amount of home fires, more than any other day of the year. Home cooking fires are responsible for almost 50 % of these fires. Unattended cooking is the most common cause of Thanksgiving Day Fires. We will look at keeping the cooking area safe, turkey fryer fires and keeping children and pets in mind while cooking.

Drowning Prevention and Pool Safety

The most common definition of drowning is respiratory impairment from submersion or immersion in liquid. We most often associate drowning with water related accidents such as swimming in a swimming pool or a natural body of water like the ocean or a lake, however water submersion can occur even in a puddle.Age wise, for infants less than a year old, most drownings occur in the bathtub.

Firework Safety, Extreme Heat Safety – for People & Pets

July is often synonymous with uncomfortable heat and humidity. This month’s safety article will review those amongst us who are most vulnerable to excessive heat. We will be looking at the effects of extreme heat for people as well as for pets. As this is a July safety article, we will also review safety considerations for the Fourth of July, again for both people and pets.