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Category: Tips to Stay Safe

Drowning Prevention and Pool Safety

The most common definition of drowning is respiratory impairment from submersion or immersion in liquid. We most often associate drowning with water related accidents such as swimming in a swimming pool or a natural body of water like the ocean or a lake, however water submersion can occur even in a puddle.Age wise, for infants less than a year old, most drownings occur in the bathtub.

Firework Safety, Extreme Heat Safety – for People & Pets

July is often synonymous with uncomfortable heat and humidity. This month’s safety article will review those amongst us who are most vulnerable to excessive heat. We will be looking at the effects of extreme heat for people as well as for pets. As this is a July safety article, we will also review safety considerations for the Fourth of July, again for both people and pets.

What to Know About Our Desert Pests and Critters

Once again, we review our desert pests, and some of the concerns we have living in the southwest. While there are many animals that fit this definition of “pest”, we’ll talk about those which are native to the Arizona desert, and how to avoid injury if encountered. Where in our Arizona desert would we find these desert critters? What actions provoke injury to perceived foes? What toxins are released and how do they affect us? What should we do if bitten stung or otherwise injured?

Wildfires and Firewise

“Wildfires”, defined as a large destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland and brush that are typically uncontrolled and unplanned. Wildfires have escalated greatly in the recent past and have destroyed millions of acres of land and caused millions of dollars in property damage. The southwest states of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico are at great risk states for wildfires because of recent drought conditions and the extreme temperatures they experience.


Each month, hopefully our fire safety articles have provided you with insight to the many different types of fire and safety considerations unique to each season. We have learned how not to blow up your home and guests with Fourth of July fireworks, or while summer grilling.  We have reviewed the proper treatment of Christmas trees and Christmas lights to prevent tree and electrical fires.