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Author: Drexel Height Fire District

National Fire Prevention Week – October 9-15, 2022

National Fire Prevention Week is celebrated this year October 9- 15. Fire Prevention Week was initiated by the National Fire Protection Agency in 1922 to commemorate the Chicago Fire of October 9, 1871. This October, therefore, marks the 100-year anniversary of Fire Protection Week.  President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the First Fire Protection Day in 1820. Fire Protection week was made official in 1922 for the Sunday through Saturday period which includes October 9. It is the longest running public health and safety observance on record.

Fall Prevention Month

One Fall (Autumn) is inevitable every year, but the second type of fall does not have to be inevitable. Consequences of the second type of fall for any age group can be severe, even life changing. Seniors, however, are particularly vulnerable to falls. In fact, falls are a leading cause of injury for people over the age of 65, and a contributing factor for accidental death in this age group. It is reported that one third of people over 65, fall yearly. Within this group, 50% of these falls represent recurrent events.

Water Safety and Drowning Prevention Month

There is an irony in reviewing the dangers presented by water activities, as these activities are generally accompanied by warm memories and good times. However, as with all safety topics, reviewing the sad outcomes, allows us to focus on the safety measures that will prepare us, and thus mitigate against water based injuries and death. Multiple agencies across the Unites States, at federal, state, and local levels are invested in water safety and specifically prevention of death and/or injury from drowning.

Story of an Air Conditioner Install

On July 11, 2022 the crew of Paramedic 436 returned from a call at a Drexel Heights residence, they asked if there was anything that could be done for the resident who lived there, an elderly female with no family, and surviving on very little income.  The crew reported that the lady’s air conditioner was completely out of service. They were truly worried with the current heat spell, that the resident would not do well.

Summer Safety: Extreme Heat, Sunburn, Pets, Grilling, and Fireworks Safety

As you may have noticed, the HOT temperatures have arrived.  We have experienced temperatures above 110 degrees already.  This is extreme heat, and we should take precautions. Populations at risk during a period of excessive heat include children, older adults, outdoor workers, and people with disabilities. It is estimated that approximately 700 people a year die of heat related events.  Safety during periods of extreme heat focuses on hydration and education regarding heat exhaustion/heat stroke.

It’s that time again, to remind you of some HIKING SAFETY TIPS

Trails have difficulty levels associated with them. Planning a trail is based on your hiking experience, what you can comfortably fit in a backpack based on what you might need for specific equipment, food, water, and your physical ability to carry that pack. Terrain is an important consideration. Be sure you can handle steep hills, and the environment in terms of temperature, humidity, special equipment needed. And don’t forget to check the altitude you will be going into. Generally, if you are living in the Tucson valley, a climb over 8,000 feet can put you at risk of altitude sickness. And it’s always a good idea to hike with a friend. Not only to be safe, but to share the experience with. Talking with one another along the way is a very easy way of monitoring your breathing and setting a comfortable pace for the hike.

Desert Pests & Snake Bites

This month we will talk about desert pests. A pest can simply be a nuisance or can be dangerous.   Any bite from any of the creatures in this article should be seen by medical personnel for advice, consultation, or treatment. 

We hope that you will learn something new and something that will help you avoid a bite or injury from one of our desert neighbors. However, if you are bitten by any desert creature and are concerned contact your Professional Health Care Provider for medical guidance immediately.