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Special thanks to the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation (GTFF), and the many friends and fellow firefighters who made this project possible. Documents were scanned, organized and entered into a computerized database by Al Ring, a Tucson historian with GTFF and friend of Drexel Heights Fire District.

Drexel Heights Fire District originally began providing fire and emergency services to the south and southwest areas outside the City of Tucson back in May 1954. The articles of incorporation papers were filed by members of the Drexel Heights Community association. In those days the Drexel Heights Community Association Volunteer Fire Department  provided services all the way to what is now the City of South Tucson.

The original DHFD fire station was built in 1974 at 5960 S. Cardinal. A new modern fire station was built on the same site in 2009, and the old station was torn down. The second station was built in 1987 and a third in 1989.

On March 13, 2001, Drexel Heights Fire District merged with the Tucson Estates Fire District. This added a fourth fire station, six more firefighters, and several new communities. Tucson Estates, the Foothills, and the surrounding neighborhoods welcomed Drexel Heights firefighters and have been very supportive of the Fire District and its services.

In 2004, the District replaced the Tucson Estates trailer with a permanent fire station. Then in 2010, the District constructed a new station in the ever growing Star Valley Community.

Drexel Heights Fire District has come a long way since 1954. But no one will ever forget the determination and sacrifices made by a handful of daring individuals who saw a community need for fire protection, and found a way to make it a reality.